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Ashamed of the things I allowed to be done, ashamed of my sin,
I let these things define who I am- the past and mistakes.
For long, I’ve thrived in my guilt, broke down a number of times
Fearing the consequences to come- punishment from above.

With my sin and immoral acts, I drifted apart from You;
For how can I come to You in prayer when Perfection is Your name.
I heard the devil’s victory laugh as my soul collapsed
As I allowed my every shame to conquer and devour my core.

Fearing how people would see me and judge me when they find my flaws,
Knowing how people love to gossip as I lose their respect.
Afraid of how unlovable I would then be if things were to fall apart-
How I would grow old, lonely and gray, bitter of all things.

Searching for people’s approval, people-pleaser that I am,
I forget there is one to please the most- You, O Lord.
I let the world win over my convictions and sway me from my roots
I ask for Your forgiveness, for strength- to be renewed.

Your great love remains unchanged even though I’ve let You down;
There is nothing I can ever do for You to love me any more or less.
Your grace is abundant, Your blessings overflow;
I’m showered everyday by Your grace that I do not deserve.

Lord, lead me to follow Your commands, allow me to stand firm
I long to draw closer to You, as I have drifted far.
I am Your sheep- wandered lost, fallen, and wounded;
You are my good Shepherd, searching and calling me home.

Midnight Creatives #2: His Mistakes

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We had agreements we thought we could keep
To only cross over- the trust that I ripped.
Her heart so innocent, so pure, and full of wonder-
Is the heart slipped from my hands, crashing down under.

A million glass pieces, shards that turned black;
Blood from my hands slipping through every crack.
Where light once was came darkness from within
Seeping into her veins and through her bloodstream.

Broken Hearts

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That teacher with a temper has been left at the altar;
That brother who sees no hope used to hope all too much.
That friend who stopped giving has been taken for granted;
That man who stopped trying has been laughed at and mocked.
That boy who stopped dreaming has been called immature;
That girl who stopped trusting has been betrayed more than once.
A heart that is closed is a heart that has been broken;
A heart that is cold is a heart that was once warm.

Every word and action that may mean nothing to you,
May mean so much to others and cause them destruction too.

The Essence of Promises

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Time and change may cause us to drift apart;
It may be a fight or nothing at all.
People move on, some people stay grudged;
Rain or snow, some things be better left untouched.

A trust that once was bestowed upon you
Remains as a promise with the same value.
No anger nor pain be valid enough
For betrayal, divulgence, denouncement, and such.

A New Fire

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If my fire grows dim and starts to fade,
Would you try to rekindle it?
No, don’t put a glass globe; don’t try to confine
Don’t force the flame- it’ll die within.
Use a lighter, light a match. Start a fire- a new fire.

If all is finished and I’m left drifting smoke,
You can either give up or try again.
Don’t try to catch them; set them free
Smoke is never healthy for you and me.
Gather some sticks, find some stones. Start a fire- a new fire.

Forbidden #6: The Princess’ Cry

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“I try, but I can’t silence the voice inside of me.
This is not where I belong; please set me free.
He makes me happy; he loves unconditionally.
He’s not what you think he is; he’s not all like them.

“We can work hard to have riches of our own.
He may not be as wealthy, but money can be earned.
We will save, we’ll be thrifty- just like how people should be.
We won’t live in poverty; no leeches shall be spared.

“Our culture will be passed on; nothing will be forgotten.
The best of both worlds shall the children inherit.
Our differences can result to something beautiful
As these can be worked out, but love cannot be forced.

“Had it been infatuation, I would have obeyed;
But love isn’t simply something one can just dictate.
I’m afraid I may be wrong; nothing is certain but one-
I’d rather die than marry a man I do not love.”

You Don’t Know You’re Blind

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You need Jesus and His miracles,
No other way to help a blind man see;
For how could anyone else open your eyes,
When you don’t wish to see beyond these trees?