I Might Lie

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[VERSE 1:]
My heart wants to work it out with you,
Marry you- grow old with you.
My heart ain’t got somebody else;
Don’t wanna start with someone new.
Stupid heart- in prison; my mind, prison guard
There’s only so little left of me, I’m going insane.
You drive me crazy; can’t bruise again
I set myself free.

You tore me to pieces
What’d you expect me to do
My stupid heart, I love you
But I hate you,
Can’t take my mind off you.
And if you see me with him,
All smiles with the perfect man
I might be wishing it’d be you
Waiting for you to come take me home.
But these words I can never tell you
I won’t tell you; I’m a woman.
So If you ask me if I’m happy with him,
If I’m over you, found somebody new-
I might lie.

[VERSE 2:]
I know I told you to leave me alone
When all I really want is you to stay with me.
I know I’ve said we ain’t got no hope
But deep inside I want you to prove me wrong.
And even if I won’t pick up the phone
To see the miss calls bring warmth in my heart
But you drive me crazy; need to protect myself
I set myself free.


And if someday I get a boyfriend, if any, after you
And you decide you still want me, and your heart aches to see me with him
Don’t be afraid to come over, and tell me the truth
And court me like you’ve never before, cause maybe I’m really still into you.
And someday when I’m in a white dress, bells ringing, doves singing
And your heart aches seeing me in a white dress with some other man,
Don’t be afraid to stand up, and speak before it’s too late-
And spare me from eternity thinking what it would be if you were a better man.
Spare me from eternity spending my lifetime with the wrong man.


And if in a decade or so, I’m still your only one,
Even after I have wandered far and lied to you,
Perhaps then I will know it’s true
And maybe then I wouldn’t have to lie,
Maybe then I could finally say
I love you too.


Voices Inside #2: My Dilemma

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Baby if you were a drug, then I had an overdose;
And now that I’m sober, I need to get over
I need to get rehab, I need to tune down.
Am so confused, tears fall down at night
Can’t seem to forget the things in my mind.
The stupid things; bad turns in life
Tend to overshadow good ones in sight.
Can’t live like this- wounding over and over
The thoughts that kill me every time I am sober.

Bring me back to June, July, August
Days I didn’t know your touch.
The fragrance of soft beginnings
Is the innocence I crave so much.

Where have the good times gone? I used to be so free
Tell me what I have done to wound myself so deep?
A part of me wants to leave, but hurting you would be so mean.
Is this what I really want?

When you stand before my eyes, I feel so damn lucky
Your love for me is more than I’ll ever need.
A part of me wants to stay; what if you’re the one for me?
Is this what I really need?

The noise in my head, so hard to explain
And my hands-these hands, so so much stains.
Fatigue. Load I carry behind my back;
Is there something in my life that I lack?
The shame and guilt from the things I have done,
Are the weights on my shoulders of the crime not forgone.
It’s so hard to think straight, I feel so lost
Chaos in my brain, I can’t take it no more
Thought I was ready for this, but then I guess not.



And If I told you about these things that kill me,
I can just imagine your anger rising.
I wonder if you could ever understand,
Our principles, faith, and values are just-
So different.


Won’t Change My Mind

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I gave you everything I could ever give
When everyone was gone, tell me, did I leave?
At your worst phase, I didn’t leave you alone,
But now that I’m away, your heart turned to stone.
I gave you my one heart; I gave you my time,
And I never even asked you to be mine.
You knew, for you, I’d do the craziest things,
Little did I know, I was hanging on strings.

The boy I once loved is now dead,
Should’ve listened to my head.
And my heart shattered to pieces,
But I won’t give in to weakness.

So baby when you wake up from your sleep,
And you realize that I’ve cut you deep,
Don’t come looking for me; I won’t be home
Don’t text me, don’t call me; I won’t pick up the phone.
I’ll be up all night; I’ll be dancing here
I’ll rule the dance floor; don’t try coming near
Whatever you do, this girl, you won’t find.
If you try getting me back, you won’t change my mind.

So baby when your back to your right mind,
And you realize that I’ve been real kind,
Don’t come looking for me; I won’t be home
Don’t text me, don’t call me; I won’t pick up the phone.
I’ll be with my friends; we’d all party here
We’d have the best night; don’t try coming near
Whatever you do, this girl, you won’t find.
If you try getting me back, you won’t change my mind.

I did all I could to show you that I cared
When no one bothered, I tell you, I was there.
When no one liked you, I defended your name,
But for you, I guess it was all just a game.
When no one helped you, baby didn’t I help?
When you gave me much pain, baby did I yelp?
You played me well; I never doubted your skills,
Oh Chef Pepito, why’s my heart on your grill?



And don’t you come begging for one last chance,
You’ll only remind me of our first dance
Baby, both you and I were so damn wrong,
So I bid you goodbye; keep calm, stay strong.



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You’re an angel that came by,
Picked me up; showed me how to fly.
I knew I won’t be on air too long,
But I chose to believe in a song.

The blonde girl warned me not to try,
She didn’t want to see me cry;
But I was too stubborn to listen,
Now, the gap between has been widened.

I dare say, I do love you,
And this, I sure believe you knew.
Even in case I never loved you,
I’d still mend the gap between us two.

This gap, I caused; this I know,
But same do I still love you so.
Yet you’re still that angel that came by,
I no longer have the right to fly.

I’m in the gap, I’m all alone;
And these words I carve with a stone:
“My angel, please give me one last flight;
I promise I’ll be out if your sight.

“With this last flight, do mend the space,
Even if it will take for days.
How you chose to mend, I’ll be okay,
For mending the space, is winning the race.”


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~~VERSE 1:
I find myself awake all night,
Thinking about the wrongs and rights,
Which is the right path to take?

Tears fall,
Waiting for your text and your call,
Thinking about the night at the ball,
Could it just be a mistake?

Cuz as much as I want to help you,
There’s no use if you keep slipping through
Why don’t we start something new?
And it hurts when I think of the day
When I turn around and see, you are
No longer beside me.

So tell me now,
Do I have to speak it out?

“One last time,” these words you said
“One last hug,” these words I said
“Just one dance,” these words in our heads
So if it’s just one, then why am I still hoping?

~~VERSE 2:
Waking up to the thought of you,
Wondering if these are all true,
Do I still have a slight chance?

I stare at them as I flash back,
Thinking of all the things I lack,
You’re way too perfect for me.

But no matter how perfect you are,
There’s no use if you keep going far
You’ll never ever reach the stars.
Give me a chance, and I can show you
The other side is more than broken glass.
We can both make this love last.

So tell me now,
Do I have to speak it out?


I believe,
Maybe way too much.
But I know,
From one single touch.
Just one night,
Made me fall in love.

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