Nevermore Disparaging

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A bend, a break- they’re part of life.
Someday, somehow, we’re bound to grow.
Through the storm, we’ll find the light
Nobody’s perfectly white as snow.

We’re all tainted with a darker side-
Different shades and colors, yet all are the same.
This world- prejudicial; we try to hide
We all have mistakes, regrets, and pain.

No one can condemn you- not even yourself
Repentance and change; the Lord is forgiving.
Underneath our masks, there is no disparity
Spread the love, nevermore disparaging.


Gray Skies

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I saw grief beneath the clown’s laugh,

Pain on the runner’s calf,

Loneliness in the singer’s voice,

Fear inside the soldier’s eyes.

Weakness is not what’s felt inside;

Strength it is, thus you need not hide.

For where the gray sky falls so low,

You rise and fly high in the sky.

Wait For The Dove

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No one fixes a scar like you
This part I know you never knew
Secretly, I was more than sad,
But when you came, you changed all that.
I was hurt, broken, and lonely,
Then you made my life a party.
Perhaps I may have drank too much,
But my heart, this you had to touch.
Now that you have to pay the price,
I can’t speak, looking in your eyes.
How dare you make me fall in love,
Let us wait till they free the dove.

Eternal Scratches

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Permanent scratches mark my heart,

As fingernails dig into it.

Like pain and love won’t stay apart,

Each day I fall in the dark pit.

Alas! I’ve found my life time curse,

The curse that destroyed me badly.

Although I’m mended by a nurse,

I heal, but break eternally.