´╗┐Midnight Creatives #3: A True Story

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She’s desperate to leave, weak and depressed,
Slowly surrendering to her dark side.
I’m determined to keep her, to love her;
I’ll show her wondrous things of her she does not see.

Sure enough, I’ve said and done some wrong things,
But a better man I shall be all for her.
I’ll help her find herself and show her what’s real;
I’ll light the fire inside her heart that has gone dim.


Memory of July 22, 2016

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Weakening of the flesh, weakening of the soul
Lost will, lost hope, crushed dreams; an empty dark hole.
Forced on the ground- helpless and confused,
It’s been nine months now, but bruise came after bruise.

A pain in your chest, a punch in your gut,
Constricting of the lungs, deep breathes- no air.
A noise in your head, poison starts to spread
Tears well up in your eyes; they start to flow.

A memory- a gift; this memory- a curse
To remember is a nightmare during the day.
Never ending nightmare, still gruesome until now
You wonder when it’ll end, you wonder how.

On the Ferris Wheel

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Felt like falling in love for the first time-
The sweet fragrance emerging once again.

You and I, together way up high-
A beautiful early sunset,
The view of the sea and the sky;
Another precious memory I won’t forget.

(From December 15, 2016)

Caution for the Cautious

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If you let the past dictate-

The outcome of the present things,

You will only turn back

And never see the could have been’s.


If you let fear conquer-

What could have been opportunities,

It will forever remain

As a mere fraction of your memory.