The Last Poem

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Took me long enough to realize-

You were the one keeping me alive.

You showed me the light I couldn’t see,

Thus I’m happy though we cannot be.


You brought me to places I’ve never been,

You’ve showed me things I’ve never seen.

You taught me hard work and diligence,

You taught me priority and patience.


Gave me things I never deserved,

Pushed me to be a greater person.

Taught me how to love the things I don’t,

You are a lighthouse after all.


A great blessing from heaven above,

You were there when I was ’bout to give up;

And though I miss the things you used to say,

I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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There were tides that came by

Even though the sands were dry.

There was the rain that came down

When the sun was rising at dawn.

There was your voice and your face,

During the stormy days.

You fill the empty space each time

Someone else takes what is mine.

So glad that you are around-

So glad that each other we found.


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I look into the mirror,

What has happened all these years?

In sight are plastics- traitors,


The past that fills eyes with tears.

Time has made so much things change,

Sweet flowers turned to hard stones.

But your reflection stayed the same,

All this time, I should have known.