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Ashamed of the things I allowed to be done, ashamed of my sin,
I let these things define who I am- the past and mistakes.
For long, I’ve thrived in my guilt, broke down a number of times
Fearing the consequences to come- punishment from above.

With my sin and immoral acts, I drifted apart from You;
For how can I come to You in prayer when Perfection is Your name.
I heard the devil’s victory laugh as my soul collapsed
As I allowed my every shame to conquer and devour my core.

Fearing how people would see me and judge me when they find my flaws,
Knowing how people love to gossip as I lose their respect.
Afraid of how unlovable I would then be if things were to fall apart-
How I would grow old, lonely and gray, bitter of all things.

Searching for people’s approval, people-pleaser that I am,
I forget there is one to please the most- You, O Lord.
I let the world win over my convictions and sway me from my roots
I ask for Your forgiveness, for strength- to be renewed.

Your great love remains unchanged even though I’ve let You down;
There is nothing I can ever do for You to love me any more or less.
Your grace is abundant, Your blessings overflow;
I’m showered everyday by Your grace that I do not deserve.

Lord, lead me to follow Your commands, allow me to stand firm
I long to draw closer to You, as I have drifted far.
I am Your sheep- wandered lost, fallen, and wounded;
You are my good Shepherd, searching and calling me home.


Nevermore Disparaging

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A bend, a break- they’re part of life.
Someday, somehow, we’re bound to grow.
Through the storm, we’ll find the light
Nobody’s perfectly white as snow.

We’re all tainted with a darker side-
Different shades and colors, yet all are the same.
This world- prejudicial; we try to hide
We all have mistakes, regrets, and pain.

No one can condemn you- not even yourself
Repentance and change; the Lord is forgiving.
Underneath our masks, there is no disparity
Spread the love, nevermore disparaging.

Voices Inside #4: My Sinner’s Prayer

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How many times did I let You down?
How many times did I fall on the ground?
How many promises did I break?
How many times did I repeat my mistakes?

Countless of times, I’ve strayed from Your will,
Yet You welcome me home with open arms still.
You’re perfection; You see my every flaw,
But You’re always there for me each time I call.

Lord I am undeserving. I am guilty-
With all the sins I have done, I am dirty.
Who am I to be blessed with so much each day
Lord my Potter, here I am- Your clay.

Lord mold me and make me more like You,
Help me and guide me in everything I do.
I want to change, but I can’t do it on my own,
I am weak, and my strength is from You alone.

Lord I am a sinner, ashamed of my ways
Although You have forgiven me, I still feel dismayed.
I wish to live in peace, to stop all the fight
Lord give me the courage to do what’s right.

Things From Above

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When all light is gone and the future is dim,
I search for things above and trust in Him.
His will- I shall follow. He is my guide
Though sometimes I get lost, He never leaves my side.

His love, so great and never ending,
I am saved by grace; I am undeserving.
Everything I have are not my own- they’re blessings
For without Him, I have nothing.