New Year’s Eve 2017

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I don’t think it was a coincidence
that you took my number for your phone.
I don’t believe it was an accident
that my heart made yours its home.

Open-wide arms, stretch marks, and chest,
I fit perfectly i side.
Beautifully flawed, grit put to test,
two hearts learning, growing- collide.

I’m perfectly fine hanging on a thread
and my mind’s at its worse; it’s a mess.
If we were a color, we would be blood red-
Stay by my side, you are my zest.

If we were discovered, there goes the secret
we kept so long under bridges and stones.
If things go wrong, don’t panic, don’t fret;
all the roads lead back to home.

Freckles as stars, avalange, flood gates,
fireflies to firecrackers on New Year’s Eve.
Running blind, mute, and deaf towards barricades-
honing faith, never leave; every night will be New Year’s Eve.


Every Time

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You know I’ve made some mistakes
so have you,
You know I’ve done bad things
you used to do,
You know I get trouble coping
like you
Yet your heart never stops beating
for me.
You know I have my temper
and my days,
but you still love me quite the same.
You know I’m not the best
at everything,
yet you tell me I’m perfect
beyond your dreams.
You know I grow older at each
second passing by
to tell tell me I only grow more
beautiful each second,
every time.

They Were Right/ I Miss You

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Perhaps they were right- we are too young;
Old enough to fall in love, too young to stay in love.
We are young. We are growing, unstable, maturing-
People change; we’re molded with different dents,
But maybe we’re too old to dent on the same end
And sometimes I can’t help it but
I miss you.

We fight, each time under a new flag you charge;
You whip me with your tongue, hands, empty art-
I, so wounded deep, stand to stay strong
To only be chastised for being strong;
And sometimes I can’t help it but
I miss you.

I miss the gracefully dented art
I envisioned you to be.
I miss the unscraped sides I saw-
Or thought were there as they seemed.
I miss your soft clay to bend and dent at my own scratches and flaws;
Perhaps they were right and we are wrong together
But at the end of the day, for how long we shall last, though we’re no longer the same
I love you more to date.


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When will I find the one who won’t bring me tears
Who’d only make me cry of joy, whose actions calm my fears?
My heart is cold as stone- alone- away from Christmas cheer
It’s been this way ever since on each and every year.

When will I find my good prince practicing chivalry
Who’d slay every dragon for me, not his own glory.
To have full effort shown, nothing less; to be priority
To be appreciated of while respecting boundary.

When will I find a man who’d chase me through the rain
Who’d stay with me at every step, who’d take away my pain?
I need someone to push me to be better- not drive me insane
Who’d pass my every single test, who’d love my every stain.

男女不平等 / Double Standards

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[English translation: ]

Being a woman is really not easy,
Wanting to give up, but you can’t give up.
Needing to know everything, needing to be all-perfect
Men of course always want the prettiest.

Being a woman is really hard,
Needig to sit straight, needing to be soft-spoken.
The world cares about womens’ whereabouts and history,
Yet does not care about mens’ actions.

World men and women will never be equal
The society sets high expectations for women,
But when men do wrong deeds it’s okay,
Everyone’s a hypocrite without a loving heart.


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His sword, his shield, his cap, his built
His twisted mind; heart without guilt
Rider on a horse as dark as night
Do not be fooled- a thief in disguise.

With you, he’ll ride across the sky,
Beware dauntless princess, pure as white;
Taboo is the full moon- don’t draw near,
Break away when to the moon he veers.

Riding faster, steel forms in his eyes
Tell him to stop, the faster he’ll fly.
Dives into the full moon, clouds your mind,
Kills your soul, leaves you entwined.

His words, his gifts, his touch, his kiss
His promises of perfect bliss
Rider on a dark horse as dark as night
Do not be fooled- an assassin in disguise.

I Might Lie

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[VERSE 1:]
My heart wants to work it out with you,
Marry you- grow old with you.
My heart ain’t got somebody else;
Don’t wanna start with someone new.
Stupid heart- in prison; my mind, prison guard
There’s only so little left of me, I’m going insane.
You drive me crazy; can’t bruise again
I set myself free.

You tore me to pieces
What’d you expect me to do
My stupid heart, I love you
But I hate you,
Can’t take my mind off you.
And if you see me with him,
All smiles with the perfect man
I might be wishing it’d be you
Waiting for you to come take me home.
But these words I can never tell you
I won’t tell you; I’m a woman.
So If you ask me if I’m happy with him,
If I’m over you, found somebody new-
I might lie.

[VERSE 2:]
I know I told you to leave me alone
When all I really want is you to stay with me.
I know I’ve said we ain’t got no hope
But deep inside I want you to prove me wrong.
And even if I won’t pick up the phone
To see the miss calls bring warmth in my heart
But you drive me crazy; need to protect myself
I set myself free.


And if someday I get a boyfriend, if any, after you
And you decide you still want me, and your heart aches to see me with him
Don’t be afraid to come over, and tell me the truth
And court me like you’ve never before, cause maybe I’m really still into you.
And someday when I’m in a white dress, bells ringing, doves singing
And your heart aches seeing me in a white dress with some other man,
Don’t be afraid to stand up, and speak before it’s too late-
And spare me from eternity thinking what it would be if you were a better man.
Spare me from eternity spending my lifetime with the wrong man.


And if in a decade or so, I’m still your only one,
Even after I have wandered far and lied to you,
Perhaps then I will know it’s true
And maybe then I wouldn’t have to lie,
Maybe then I could finally say
I love you too.