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~~VERSE 1:
I find myself awake all night,
Thinking about the wrongs and rights,
Which is the right path to take?

Tears fall,
Waiting for your text and your call,
Thinking about the night at the ball,
Could it just be a mistake?

Cuz as much as I want to help you,
There’s no use if you keep slipping through
Why don’t we start something new?
And it hurts when I think of the day
When I turn around and see, you are
No longer beside me.

So tell me now,
Do I have to speak it out?

“One last time,” these words you said
“One last hug,” these words I said
“Just one dance,” these words in our heads
So if it’s just one, then why am I still hoping?

~~VERSE 2:
Waking up to the thought of you,
Wondering if these are all true,
Do I still have a slight chance?

I stare at them as I flash back,
Thinking of all the things I lack,
You’re way too perfect for me.

But no matter how perfect you are,
There’s no use if you keep going far
You’ll never ever reach the stars.
Give me a chance, and I can show you
The other side is more than broken glass.
We can both make this love last.

So tell me now,
Do I have to speak it out?


I believe,
Maybe way too much.
But I know,
From one single touch.
Just one night,
Made me fall in love.

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Wait For The Dove

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No one fixes a scar like you
This part I know you never knew
Secretly, I was more than sad,
But when you came, you changed all that.
I was hurt, broken, and lonely,
Then you made my life a party.
Perhaps I may have drank too much,
But my heart, this you had to touch.
Now that you have to pay the price,
I can’t speak, looking in your eyes.
How dare you make me fall in love,
Let us wait till they free the dove.

Still Love You So

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Times like this when I can’t see you,
I close my eyes and see what’s true-
That I still believe; I still care,
Through the distance, feelings still there.
Your flaws and your assets combined,
Excites this little heart of mine.
Please allow my heart to sing, for
You are the most beautiful thing.
They tell me that I’m in a rush,
So why do I believe in us?
Why can’t I forget the moment,
When you made a great commitment?
But boys are boys; promises break
Am I making a great mistake?
I, you promised; God, you promised,
Tell me the details that I’ve missed
Could I have misunderstood it,
And assumed that a light was lit?
If so, I just want you to know-
That same do I still love you so.

Open Volt

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There was a volt locked inside my heart,
I never knew its content from start,
I kept searching for the missing key,
Till it opened one day; now I see-
Feelings rushing in like pouring rain
How can I feel both joy and pain?
What made me enter into this phase?
I never knew till I saw your face.
Started to feel things I’ve never felt,
Recalling memories make me melt;
From when I first met you to retreat,
To NeverlandNow, fast my heart beats.
I don’t regret every moment we’ve spent
I’ll surely treasure them till the end.
Times when I think of closing the volt,
I realize I can’t; hands won’t bolt.
After all, you saw my small details,
Allowed some of my dreams to prevail,
Thought men like you were extinct- no more,
Then you came; I can’t help but adore.
Made me feel like I’m worth something more
Than a tiny local fangirl store.


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All the things that I thought were true,
All the things that we’ve been through,
All the things that I’ve done for him,
We’re all a waste as it seems…

But why do I even bother,
When I treat him as a brother,
Could there be something hidden-
Something more maybe even?

Eternal Scratches

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Permanent scratches mark my heart,

As fingernails dig into it.

Like pain and love won’t stay apart,

Each day I fall in the dark pit.

Alas! I’ve found my life time curse,

The curse that destroyed me badly.

Although I’m mended by a nurse,

I heal, but break eternally.


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Everything shakes, but I remain still.

No one will stand, but I know I will.

Even though death will hunt for me,

Making me back down can never be.