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I look into your eyes

Maybe once or twice

Wishing you would see

The feelings inside of me

Your jawline and your lips-

Your hands and your cheeks

I trace them; I analyze,

But only with my eyes.



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Your eyes used to shine,

     With so many emotions.

Days when you were mine-

     Everyday conversations.


Your hand used to reach-

     Reach out for my hand.

You still wanted me to teach-

     Teach things you didn’t understand.


Your patience was so long

     And your words were so sweet.

We used to share songs-

     Songs that made us complete.


You never got mad,

      No matter what I said.

Comforted me when I was sad,

      Until I go to bed.


What happened to those times-

     The times we have shared?

Your eyes that used to shine,

     With so many things left unsaid.


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You were chasing me;

I was chasing an illusion.

It took one month, you see,

For me to break the confusion.


Every word you spoke

Made me fall in deeper;

But every word you spoke

Made you draw much farther.


I was too blind to notice

The beating of my heart.

To know that you’re the one I miss,

Through the pain each time we part.


You’re no longer chasing me;

I’m no longer chasing an illusion.

Now that you’re the only one I see,

You are trapped inside confusion.

From February 13

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Your head was on my shoulder,

And my head was on your crown.

You turned my day much brighter,

And turned my frown upside down.

Your smell, that of a baby,

Your touch- gentle and sweet.

As we watched the movie,

The more I fell in love so deep.

Now, I can’t wait for next time

The next time that we will meet.

Starting Over Again

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Unnoticed at first sight,

T’was just a dash of light.

Friends- that’s what we called it.

Till you crossed the limit.

Started at the bottom,

Now you make me blossom.

Made your way up the list,

Miss you. I can’t resist.

It was a dash of light gone by

And what you’ve hoped for was a lie

To force the flame inside to die

And watch the kill draw nigh

Trying to forget, 

Trying to reset,

Everything in my head

All the things that you said

It’s for the best-

That I start again with a black canvas.

Won’t Change My Mind

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I gave you everything I could ever give
When everyone was gone, tell me, did I leave?
At your worst phase, I didn’t leave you alone,
But now that I’m away, your heart turned to stone.
I gave you my one heart; I gave you my time,
And I never even asked you to be mine.
You knew, for you, I’d do the craziest things,
Little did I know, I was hanging on strings.

The boy I once loved is now dead,
Should’ve listened to my head.
And my heart shattered to pieces,
But I won’t give in to weakness.

So baby when you wake up from your sleep,
And you realize that I’ve cut you deep,
Don’t come looking for me; I won’t be home
Don’t text me, don’t call me; I won’t pick up the phone.
I’ll be up all night; I’ll be dancing here
I’ll rule the dance floor; don’t try coming near
Whatever you do, this girl, you won’t find.
If you try getting me back, you won’t change my mind.

So baby when your back to your right mind,
And you realize that I’ve been real kind,
Don’t come looking for me; I won’t be home
Don’t text me, don’t call me; I won’t pick up the phone.
I’ll be with my friends; we’d all party here
We’d have the best night; don’t try coming near
Whatever you do, this girl, you won’t find.
If you try getting me back, you won’t change my mind.

I did all I could to show you that I cared
When no one bothered, I tell you, I was there.
When no one liked you, I defended your name,
But for you, I guess it was all just a game.
When no one helped you, baby didn’t I help?
When you gave me much pain, baby did I yelp?
You played me well; I never doubted your skills,
Oh Chef Pepito, why’s my heart on your grill?



And don’t you come begging for one last chance,
You’ll only remind me of our first dance
Baby, both you and I were so damn wrong,
So I bid you goodbye; keep calm, stay strong.



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You’re an angel that came by,
Picked me up; showed me how to fly.
I knew I won’t be on air too long,
But I chose to believe in a song.

The blonde girl warned me not to try,
She didn’t want to see me cry;
But I was too stubborn to listen,
Now, the gap between has been widened.

I dare say, I do love you,
And this, I sure believe you knew.
Even in case I never loved you,
I’d still mend the gap between us two.

This gap, I caused; this I know,
But same do I still love you so.
Yet you’re still that angel that came by,
I no longer have the right to fly.

I’m in the gap, I’m all alone;
And these words I carve with a stone:
“My angel, please give me one last flight;
I promise I’ll be out if your sight.

“With this last flight, do mend the space,
Even if it will take for days.
How you chose to mend, I’ll be okay,
For mending the space, is winning the race.”