Forbidden #6: The Princess’ Cry

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“I try, but I can’t silence the voice inside of me.
This is not where I belong; please set me free.
He makes me happy; he loves unconditionally.
He’s not what you think he is; he’s not all like them.

“We can work hard to have riches of our own.
He may not be as wealthy, but money can be earned.
We will save, we’ll be thrifty- just like how people should be.
We won’t live in poverty; no leeches shall be spared.

“Our culture will be passed on; nothing will be forgotten.
The best of both worlds shall the children inherit.
Our differences can result to something beautiful
As these can be worked out, but love cannot be forced.

“Had it been infatuation, I would have obeyed;
But love isn’t simply something one can just dictate.
I’m afraid I may be wrong; nothing is certain but one-
I’d rather die than marry a man I do not love.”


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