Forbidden #5: The King and Queen’s Command

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“Dear, these walls trace back from your ancestors;
Someday you’ll take part of it and place your mark.
Stay within the walls- they will protect you.
Convenience, safety, and fortune guaranteed.

“There’s no need to look out beyond these walls,
The harm and danger outside won’t make you happy.
You’ll be breaking the hearts of your ancestors-
Dishonor and disgrace to our family.

“What would you want with the lowly peasants?
They will leech you and leave you with nothing.
The difference of ideas and practices-
They will simply give you problems, trust us dear.

“Stay within the walls; this is where you belong.
Once you go out, there may be no returning back.
It is a better place here. You will not need to suffer.
Our little princess, remember- stay within the walls.”


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