Forbidden #2: Valentine’s Day

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With you, I’ve been through many highs and lows;
And your love was enough to fill my heart’s holes.
A near-perfect man who knows just what to say;
You loved me genuinely in every single way.

You taught me and showed me what true love should be,
You brought me over the clouds and under the sea.
Unconditionally kind and accepting,
You knew my every inch, every flaw- everything.

God willed for you to be placed in my life
To open my eyes wider and make me ignite.
He sparked a flame through you to give me a heart,
A new perspective, a brand new start.

I love you so much- nothing’s ever the same;
Don’t you dare feel like my love for you is a game.
You raised the bar as you loved me completely
I will never forget what your love has taught me.


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