Forbidden #1: The Beginning

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I can’t believe I ever thought about leaving,
I can’t believe I ever doubted your love for me.
I cried the day I realized I loved you,
As I foresaw the wounding roads that lie ahead.

The days came so fast and left too quickly;
I wasn’t ready for this moment to arrive.
A forbidden love- we’re running like criminals;
A new chapter we must conquer in our lives.

Ten years is a long journey without you by my side,
For time spent with you is never enough.
I can’t promise you anything, though I will try.
I can’t imagine living my life with another guy.

I want to wait, but the future is unclear.
I’m afraid, I’m confused, I can’t think it through.
You want to wait even without my guarantee,
A love like yours- so rare, I might never find again.

I’m torn in two by the people who love me;
May God be the referee of this match.
I pray for a sign, I pray for His mercy;
I come to repentance, I ask if you are to be mine.


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