Voices Inside #4: My Sinner’s Prayer

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How many times did I let You down?
How many times did I fall on the ground?
How many promises did I break?
How many times did I repeat my mistakes?

Countless of times, I’ve strayed from Your will,
Yet You welcome me home with open arms still.
You’re perfection; You see my every flaw,
But You’re always there for me each time I call.

Lord I am undeserving. I am guilty-
With all the sins I have done, I am dirty.
Who am I to be blessed with so much each day
Lord my Potter, here I am- Your clay.

Lord mold me and make me more like You,
Help me and guide me in everything I do.
I want to change, but I can’t do it on my own,
I am weak, and my strength is from You alone.

Lord I am a sinner, ashamed of my ways
Although You have forgiven me, I still feel dismayed.
I wish to live in peace, to stop all the fight
Lord give me the courage to do what’s right.


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