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Five months and counting- the days from when it all began
Didn’t take long for me to see: he’s a near-perfect man.
His love, so deep, remains secure and unwavering
Until when will the both of us last? Five months and counting.

Spontaneous as he is, every moment was unplanned.
It’s been two months of back and forth- a battle with these hands.
My only wish- to turn back time to undo the things done;
To go back to the good old days when we were still so young.

The coat of a sheep white as snow that I used to know so well-
Is the sweetness that I miss so much while on this carousel;
For what is an hour or two or three of careless enjoyment,
To only stay awake at night pondering upon mine judgement.

I wait upon the day my coat- once white, to be clean
To be free of every trace and mark and everything in between.
I wait upon that day my count shall stop and start from nil,
To count by years instead of months of jubilee instilled.


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