From April 14

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Looking back to not so long ago,

A question was asked and a truth told.

You wondered whether I felt sorrow;

Thus allow me to let my thoughts unfold!


I could have told you what I truly felt,

But how should I without poetry?

The art of causing the heart to melt,

‘Tis my best form of mastery.


Hence, I express the contents of my heart.

How I could never feel negatively-

To one who’d do everything to part

With what he loves for propriety?


How am I to rage over someone-

Whose priorities are set correctly,

Whose driving force never comes undone,

Whose career is planned out perfectly?


Although I’ve never fell so hard before,

Dear, it was my choice to fall for you.

Although I’m still loving you more and more,

I understand, support, and agree with you.


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