Open Volt

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There was a volt locked inside my heart,
I never knew its content from start,
I kept searching for the missing key,
Till it opened one day; now I see-
Feelings rushing in like pouring rain
How can I feel both joy and pain?
What made me enter into this phase?
I never knew till I saw your face.
Started to feel things I’ve never felt,
Recalling memories make me melt;
From when I first met you to retreat,
To NeverlandNow, fast my heart beats.
I don’t regret every moment we’ve spent
I’ll surely treasure them till the end.
Times when I think of closing the volt,
I realize I can’t; hands won’t bolt.
After all, you saw my small details,
Allowed some of my dreams to prevail,
Thought men like you were extinct- no more,
Then you came; I can’t help but adore.
Made me feel like I’m worth something more
Than a tiny local fangirl store.


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