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The poison comes and hollows me out,

As the swirling black hole swallows me,

Don’t know, don’t care what life is about,

The gray scale colors are all I see.


As depression comes so quickly,

Sadness, hatred, and the will to die.

I begin to see one word clearly:

Death. Suicide- a piece of pie.


But just when I feel no one loves me,

I remember a few faces,

One of them, yours, I see,

A bit of happiness then increases.


How strange, the way you affect my life,

As we do not talk much face to face,

But all that’s needed is a glance,

With your eyes, I know what they say.


I still don’t know how you could love me-

Short, fat, not pretty, not ugly.

Not kind, not mean, not dumb, not witty.

I’m just mediocre, really.


But you love me and you care,

All these years you’ve never failed.

You’ve never placed me in despair,

All these moments that we’ve shared.


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